Nilla won a game with 160 points

10th of November 2019 around 10 pm
Nilla is the winner!
Game Summary for
Nilla (not logged in)

Total score: 160 points
Help level: No help (master level)Master
Time used: 278 seconds
Rolls used: 52 out of 60
The way you play indicates that you are a beginner. Keep practicing.
In order to start referring to yourself as an experienced player 
you should be able to get at least 180 points every  time.
Normally, a player needs to play at least 25 games
to really  get the idea. So, don't worry. Keep on!
Game Summary for
Inverted Master Hasse


Total score: 153 points
(previous best was 291)
Help level: No help (master level)Master
Time used: 332 seconds
Rolls used: 52 out of 60
What happened? Did you experiment with a new strategy?
A master such as yourself should play more safe.
Inverted Dice®Nilla Hasse
One (1)10
Two (2)20
Three (3)30
Four (4)44
Five (5)55
BONUS (50 points)50
Six (6)66
Seven (7)77
Eight (8)88
Nine (9)99
Ten (10)010
Eleven (11)1111
Twelve (12)120
Thirteen (13)1313
Fourteen (14)1414
Fifteen (15)1515
BONUS (50 points)
Sixteen (16)016
Seventeen (17)017
Eighteen (18)018
Nineteen (19)00
Twenty (20)00
BONUS (50 points)

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