Karin Bengtsson won a game with 217 points

20th of April 2021 around 8 pm
Karin Bengtsson is the winner!
Game Summary for
Karin Bengtsson

Total score: 217 points
(previous best was 271)
Help level: All help (beginner)Beginner
Time used: 225 seconds
Rolls used: 37 out of 60
The way you play indicates that you are an experienced player
(who can do much better).
It might be comforting to know, that this result
is 25 points more than your average score.
To earn the lifelong title Inverted Master  you need to reach 290 points.
Game Summary for
Mats Bengtsson (not logged in)

Total score: 137 points
Help level: All help (beginner)Beginner
Time used: 691 seconds
Rolls used: 42 out of 60
You are a beginner. Keep practicing.
Your first goal should be to get the middle bonus.
Inverted Dice®Karin BengtssonMats Bengtsson
One (1)01
Two (2)22
Three (3)00
Four (4)44
Five (5)55
BONUS (50 points)
Six (6)66
Seven (7)77
Eight (8)88
Nine (9)99
Ten (10)1010
Eleven (11)1111
Twelve (12)1212
Thirteen (13)1313
Fourteen (14)1414
Fifteen (15)150
BONUS (50 points)50
Sixteen (16)160
Seventeen (17)1717
Eighteen (18)1818
Nineteen (19)00
Twenty (20)00
BONUS (50 points)

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