The game Inverted Dice™
3 games
(shipping included)
Inverted Dice® is a challenging dice game for smart adults and curious children. The game introduces a brand new way to look at dice rolls. It's perfect for dice people who wants both strategy and gambling elements. It's perfect for travels, holidays and rainy days at home with the family. Everything you need to start playing is included in the box. Buy three game boxes, keep one and give the other two to your most geeky friends!
The game Inverted Dice™
10 games
(shipping included)
For stores and schools. Buy 10 games and use them in the classroom or sell them in your own shop.

Inverted Dice® is adequate as a tool for training addition and subtraction of small numbers.

Recommended age: 12+ years.
The game Inverted Dice™
50 games
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Buy 50 games and get a large discount (you pay less than $4 for each game box).

Everything will be delivered directly to your store.

Recommended resale price is $9 apiece.
Extra score charts for the game Inverted Dice™
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